Solace State No. 2115

Solace State No. 2115


break silence in solace.

It is the beginning. It is the start of his journey and beginning of new. Sometimes a loud and boisterous push is needed to wake up, and he finds this in a state of solace. Intrusive enough guarantee perception, but flexible to conform to the journey. This is the start and the future is ahead.

The Solace State is a preamp pedal based on the early version of the F800 series heads. It features a flexible two-band EQ and is capable of clean tone shaping all the way to a unique ripping distortion.

Volume - controls the output of the pedal
Bass - boosts or cuts bass frequencies
Treble - boost or cuts high frequencies
State - controls the gain of pedal

9VDC Center Negative Only anything else WILL result in a broken pedal, and possibly a smoke.

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