Everything is Alive No.2116

Everything is Alive No.2116

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I see everything.

Certain moments in every creatures life define it's existance. It doesn't matter if one is looking for these moments or not. Moments such as these are occurring constantly, and it simply takes perspective to see them. Everything can be taken at face value or one can infinitely expand upon these options. In the end, is up to the creature.

Everything is Alive is a sound distorter. It is not confined to the label of fuzz, but it can be if one wants it to be. At its heart is a transistor based distorterbuilt upon from the classic fuzz face circuit with added gain staging. After the fuzz is two filters, one controlling the mid frequencies, and the other, a Resonant Low-Pass/ Band-Pass filter. The resonant filter can be manipulated by expression control or a multiple oscillator LFO... or both. There are also CV Ins and Outs for further manipulation.

Volume - controls the output of the pedal
❒ - changes charcter of fuzz from open to compressed
Distort - controls gain of the pedal
Mids - cut mid frequncies center at 550Hz
Rate - controls rate of main oscilator
Rez - controls the resonace of the filter
Freq - controls frequency of filter
╔ / ╦ - switches between LP or BP filter
≡ / ⌐ - turns on/off multiple oscilators
■ / ∆ - changes LFO shape and depth 

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