CVLT Deluxe

CVLT Deluxe


Due to the size of the batch, there will be a pre-order. While we hate the process of making someone wait after they have already paid, it is something that is necessary at the moment. Please allow for 6-8 week wait, depending on the time frame of the enclosures. Expect updates via email pertaining to timeframes and developments.

The final installment of the endless tinkering that went into recreating the F800 series amps into a pedal format. The CVLT Deluxe takes everything from previous versions of the pedal and expands upon the circuit to make an all-in-one preamp, distortion, and tone shaper. 

The addition of the 6 BAND EQ allows for even more tone sculpting, and the 2 Channels with independent volumes allow level matching and quick changes from clean to distortion. The output is also buffered, which allowed for a BALANCED OUTPUT that can run in parallel with the standard unbalanced output. 

There will be two color schemes available.

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